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Stay Free in Hawaii - News from our 
Favorite Samoan Son

[Dec 15, 1999] I just received a note and call from Frederick's own Rob Schuster.  After 10 minutes of making fun of England's early demise from the World Cup, he had this to say ... "I had surgery Monday (11/2/99) and I am just bedridden now.  The operation was supposed to last 2 hours but it went for about 5.  The first one snapped when they tested it and they had to reattach it with a borrowed one.  I just hope that it was from something strong.  I'm at the stage now that the swelling will just almost kill me whenever I get up.  But other than that, things are just handy-dandy. The family are doing fine and especially if the weather is always around 86 or somewhere there.  I hope its not getting too cold there but then again, you like that anyway.

Congrats on another fine season.  Just hard luck against Media but you guys should not have the same problems in the spring.  Say hey to the fellas and to just keep up the good work.  So is that Eamon fella going to come back or are you hunting for another coach?  Looks like he really had something to show and I hope it paid off getting him.

Well, say hi to everyone and again, you have a nice bed here if you guys decide to visit."

If you would like to pass on "Get well soon" wishes or just say "Hello", Rob's new e-mail address is:- peterrob@gte.net 


Will Brewington - One of Best Ever

[Dec 15, 1999] In the October edition of "Rugby Magazine" there is an in-depth interview with former USA National Sevens Coach Emil Signes. One of the questions is if particular interest to Frederick Rugby as it refers to one of our favorite sons, Will "Wheels" Brewington.

Rugby Magazine: Who is the best sevens player you've ever seen?

Emil Signes: I'd have to go with conventional wisdom and pick Waisale Serevi.  He seems to be able to do things no one else in the world can do.  Eric Rush and David Campese have to be on the list, and then one must wonder just how good over time, Christian Cullen and Jonah Lomu would be if they were to spend the same amount of time on sevens as those other guys.

Among American men, I'd still give the nod to the three guys that I coached: Tommy Smith, Charlie Wilkinson and Will Brewington.  During that same era, Gary Lambert, Mike Siano and Barry Williams were all exceptional players.  During the last few years the most consistent US player has probably been Vaea Anitoni.  The creator with speed is a rare commodity.

www.frederickrugby.org is live!

[Dec 15, 1999] Well, we think we have come to a point where we can say we have a website.  We will be continuing to work on the site's functionality and will continually update the content to serve our FRFC community.

Some have said that the most important skill in rugby is the ability to communicate.  The web is just the latest in an effort to establish a culture of communications within our club.

If you have ANYTHING to say about the site's design, implementation, performance, or content, please let us know by emailing Julian.


Mount Rugby - PRU Playoffs

[Dec 15, 1999] With some chagrin, we finished our season coming second to Salisbury State in the PRU.  We completed our regular season with a 8-0-1 record tied for 1st place with Salisbury State and were seeded 2nd in the tournament.  Because the Union did not keep records of team's production in points for and points against, 1st seed was given to defending Champions Salisbury.  Even the tournament shortened matches, our draw with Navy turned into a terrific hard hitting match with The Mount winning 12-10 while Salisbury played its seconds in beating Johns Hopkins 29-0.  Scoring for the Mount were sophomore O/Center Billy Potter (converted by Evan Curtis) and sophomore Wing Joe Malone from Hoss William's from Monigle.
In the Championship match, Salisbury scored first a PK and the Mount came back on a try by again O/Cnter Billy Potter.  For the rest of the first half the teams traded punches until Salisbury broke through on a penalty play try to take 10-5 lead at half.  The score remained the same for much of the second half until Salisbury opened up the scoring on a penalty kick and unconverted try.  The Mount came back to be awarded a penalty try after Salisbury was penalized four straight times under the post for going over the rucks and killing the ball.  The try which was converted by Evan Curtis.  Salisbury scored again to win 23-12.

 Congratulations to Salisbury State, they made some changes since our first meeting that definitely effected the outcome.

All things in perspective, we moved up this year to play in the championship match.  We are in the MARFU Championships for the third straight year with a better seed.  We accomplished an undefeated season with a tie with the Salisbury State, and toured Ireland last spring. Comparing this matrix season with the program's first ( fall ' 97) when we went 6-5 and lost regular season matches to Frostburg, Navy and Salisbury, this year we beat Frostburg, Navy and tied Salisbury and finished with a record of 9-1-1.
We have 14 sophomores and five seniors returning next year as a platform.  

SEEN ON THE SIDELINES: Chuck Stotler, Tom Seery, Jeremy Chapman and Phil Bramson all from ' 99 and Mike Hardy ' 98. Families: the Brazells (Wil, Del), the O' Mearas (NY), the Dougherty's and Williams (Philly), and the Fellows (Col, Md). 



Krug's Place - new Frederick Rugby Bar

[Dec 15, 1999] David Krugg, owner of Krug's Place, has signed on as the new Frederick Rugby Bar.  We will use Krug's Place for our after match parties and video sessions after practice each Thursday.  We have access to a VCR and a big screen TV for the game films. Krug's Place also has Dart Boards and Pool Tables - all free.  You will start to see Frederick Rugby gear going up at the bar and a trophy case is coming.  To get to Krug's Place from Ft.Detrick, take 7th Street until it dead ends on East Street. Turn left onto East Street, Krug's Place is about 0.5 miles on the right (look for Big Yellow sign).

Look for the number "3" on the Frederick Maps.


Mount Rugby vs Johns Hopkins

[Nov 25, 1999] After a month of matches on the road, it was a welcomed respite to be back at our own venue.  The weather cooperated in a warm Indian spring Saturday to boot.  As the Mount has garnered some success on the field, our opponents seem to be gearing up  more for our matches.  And Johns Hopkins proved to be no exception.  Our letdown after Salisbury was apparent in our first half play.  Though the Mount scored first, Johns Hopkins matched our points and converted one try to go up 17-19 at the half.  Their big pack and quick wings gave us problems that needed to be adjusted for in the second half.
In the second half the Mount powered in three tries, two off penalty plays from 15 meters out and a Hoss Williams phase ball link.  In addition the Mount converted on two of the tries to finish out the second period scoring 19-0 for a final score of 36-19.  Johns Hopkins is a tough team and their win over Navy was no fluke.
MSM   5-0  SH Ryan Brazell penalty play. ck missed
JHU    5-5   wing on a ramble, ck missed
MSM 12-5  FB Mike Dougherty, ck Evan Curtis
JHU  12-12  wing break, ck good
MSM 17-12 Jimmy Vagas fl break, ck missed
JHU  17-19  wing break, ck good
Halftime 17-19
MSM  22-19  Row  Mike Fellows penalty play, ck missed
MSM  29-19 Row Kris McKay penalty play, Evan Curtis ck
MSM  36-19 IC  Mike Williams  crash multi phase
Final Mount 36 Johns Hopkins 19
The "B" side marched on with a  24-7 win. Mike Post saw some time as did PJ Carl an up and coming  young row with WFRC. Tries were scored by Vaughan Sawdon, Jamie Costello (2) and Jake Backover.  Another very determined, successful effort.

Eamon goes to the Mount

[Nov 25, 1999] As president of the Emmitsburg Business Association and coach of the Mount St Mary's RFC, we were guests of the Mount's president, George Houston for our monthly meeting.  This is phase two of the take over of the Mount wherein we use what is called the "Helsinki syndrome" where you wear them down by idle chatter (first introduced to the team by John Fox and first noticed by Chuck Zang who got out of his car weeping after a 3 hour drive with Fox to Bethlehem, Pa. several years ago).  This is part of our overall plan to create a setting where we prepare to unseat Cal-Berkeley.

From left to right: Don Briggs, MSM Rugby Coach / former Frederick Rugby Coach; Ken Vaughan, former Welsh center; George Houston, President, Mt St Mary's (MD); Eamon Doyle, Frederick Rugby Coach; Larry Grimm, Frederick Rugby player.

Mount Rugby vs Salisbury State

[Nov 9, 1999] On a beautiful sunny, but blustery Eastern Shore day, the Mount and defending PRU and MARFU champion Salisbury State tied 17-17.  With excellent refereeing by Kevin Eagar, both teams coming off Fall break, started out tentatively.  The Mount choose to play up hill the first half and Salisbury, with good pressure strategy camped out for most of the first period in Mount territory and capitalized early on Mount penalties to go up 6-0.  Thirty minutes into play, the Mount scored a hard earned try on a penalty play by sophomore tight head Anthony Opedisano; missed the conversion to close the score to 6-5.  Salisbury slotted another penalty kick to go up 9-5 at half time.

Ten minutes into the second half junior inside center Mike Williams crashed in for a try off a set scrum.  Senior Evan Curtis converted to put the Mount up 12-9. Salisbury responded quickly getting in position to slot a penalty kick to tie the score 12-12.  Thirty minutes into the second half, the Mount struck with senior Kris McKay doting on a pushover try; missed the conversion kick to go up 17-12.  In injury time, Salisbury score with a forward crash on a penalty play to tie it up 17-17.
Both teams had opportunities to win, with the Mount missing two close penalty kicks and Salisbury the same.  Both teams labored with players in the "sin bin" at various times.

has excellent coaching and year in and year out a championship program, which is what we are trying to mirror up here at the Mount.

The Mount lead from the get-go in the B match to end up hanging on under a terrific surge from Salisbury at the end to win 27-24.  Tries were scored by Freshman Jake Backover, Chris McKeffrey, and  freshman Chuck Zitrick, and two by sophomore Jamie Costello. McKeffrey converted twice.  The B's played with their usual very special level of determination and it showed in the result.

: Ruggers ' 99 Chuck Stotler, Tom Seery, Jeremy Chapman, Phil Bramson, and Caps. Families: the O' Meara's ( NY), The Aprilante's (NJ), the Dougherty's (Philly) and the Fellow's ( Columbia, MD)

The Mount host Johns Hopkins this Saturday, the 30th, at 1PM.

Coach's Corner

[Nov 9, 1999] Dear players and non players,

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to introduce some new plays and tactics into our game without full success. I  will be looking to address and correct this starting tomorrow at training.  I DO need input from ALL as we are a team and not individuals or small units.  As I have said in the past I am available anytime you want to talk or just send me an e-mail (eamon1d@aol.com)  As you all know we lost to media on Saturday 28 - 30.  The score was close but we all know that the game should have been won.  Some of the strengths of our game were not used and this contributed to the loss.  We do have a team that is more than capable of beating everyone in our league and finishing top.

Unfortunately, that won't happen now but we can and will finish #2.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on a stable game plan and will ensure that we follow it.  Fitness as you know is very important to our game so if we can do more off the training pitch that will allow us to work harder on tactics Tues/Thurs nights.  This means that you as a player must make the time to work out at Gold's - remember to stretch and mix some aerobic conditioning in with your strength training.

Our game will in the long run benefit from this defeat but only if we all work together as a club and put in full commitment over the next four weeks.  That is all the time we have left but we all know it is more than enough.  We have (I hope) all learned from Saturday and are ready to restore the confidence and status that the Frederick Rugby Club has in the Mid-Atlantic Territory.

President's Bench

[Nov 9, 1999] Bus Trip to Blackthorn $20...
To celebrate the end of the Fall 1999 campaign, and Coach Eamon's birthday, we have booked a bus for the last match of the season (away to Blackthorn).  Cost is $20 per person which includes a keg for the return trip.  Blackthorn is a Club full of history, they were an outstanding Division I team who used to play the MOB, and you can bet that they will stack this very important game with their golden oldies (the Wheels' and Lance's of their club).  This bus trip has been organized to ensure that the players travel as a group and are given a break from the stress of driving up there and the hassle of driving back.  It has also been arranged so that we can bring supporters along, I expect to see Tommy, Dave and Allen - our three amigos - as well as Stu, Ed, Ron and Wilky.  You all know that as players the home sideline was a great advantage - let's look to bring that energy to Blackthorn.
Last comment, let's get behind OUR team.  One loss does not mean the end, it should serve as a wake up call and the real character of Frederick Rugby should come roaring out.

Manager's Board

[Nov 9, 1999] 3 and 1 in the Division and everything to play for ...

Well, I've been around Frederick Rugby for quite some time now and know how difficult it is to stay focused and win every week.  Under the Captaincy of Dennis Gnatowski back in 1993 the Club went 10 and 0 and the B-side went on a winning string of 25 or 27.  These runs are rare and to be cherished.  This season, I really felt that we had the right mix of fresh ideas and quality players to go unbeaten.  Now things get interesting.  Do you have the heart and will to pick yourself up and win in Lancaster?  I will be honest with you (just one of my curses) I did not have my best game against Media.  I can assure all of you, my Club and Team mates, that I will work hard this week and will play better against Lancaster.  If I can play just 10% better, and everyone else reaches for just that little bit more, as a team we will be dramatically improved.  Let's work hard, pull together and get ourselves back on track.

Number 2 means home field advantage and that is a very useful thing come the Spring.

Mount Rugby vs. St Mary's College

{Oct 25, 1999] On an overcast first day of fall break (10-18), the Mount traveled to the original seat of Maryland (1634), St. Mary's City to take on the St Mary College. Both teams play in spite of injuries and their early break takers with the Mount prevailing 48-18 in the "A" match and the St Mary's winning the "B" 22-12 with the assistance of eight players from a neighboring men's club. St Mary's club is coached by two very good USA Level III coaches, and are team that is about to move up a couple of notches in their level of play.

The weekend of the 16th we have a bye. The following weekend, the 23rd we travel to play undefeated Salisbury State, the defending Potomac Rugby Union Div II champions (six straight years) and Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union champions.

Mount Rugby over American

[Oct 21, 1999] In the typical sticky affair with American University, the Mount won 17-10 in the "A" match and  52-0 in "B" match.  They draw strongly from the international community which adds the extra dimension to our matches with them of an advanced level of ball handling skills and specialty plays.  The Mount scored within the first 5 minutes on a multi phase movement and then scored again within 10 minutes on multi phase and that was it for the first half.  The Mount came out in the second half going up hill and scored quickly and settled back into a series of knock-ons and penalties.  We had several new players on the field in new positions in a practice shortened week that was the cause of a lot of our problems.  But at the same time American University is a very well coached team.

This week we travel to St Marys College.

MSM try   5-0 Row Kris McKay
MSM  ck  7-0  Evan Curtis.
MSM try  12-0 IC Mike Williams multi phase, ck missed
Half time MSM 12-0 American 0
MSM try  17-0  W Steve Aprilante multi phase, ck missed
Amer try  17-5  penalty play 3mtrs. ck missed
Amer try  17-10  penalty play 2mtrs. ck missed
Final MSM 17 American 10


The B's roared of again for the third straight week 52-0 with 13 underclassmen seeing action.  Tries were scored by Will Bazela, Brian Kearns, Felix Munoz, Chris McKeefrey, Vaughan Sawdon (2), Jamie Costello and Brian Melody. Well done !

Treasurer's Chest

[Oct 7, 1999] A few weeks ago, I sent out a message concerning our club dues.  I mentioned how important member dues are and why we need your support as members of the Frederick Rugby Football Club.  Unfortunately, very few of you responded by either paying some or all of your Fall 1999 dues, arranging some sort of schedule, or even talking to myself or Julian about when you could pay.

At this point in the season, the club has collected only about 30% of the expected dues.  And, 1/5 of that has been credits due to members helping out with the fund raising activities during the summer.  Also, another 1/5 of the total paid has been from two non-playing club officers!

Although the club does get some sponsorships and other donations to help out along the way, the heart of the club is you, the active, playing members.  Your support, whether it be by attending practices and matches, by helping with fund raisers and other activities, or by paying your season's dues on time, is crucial to the success of Frederick Rugby.  Over 1/2 of the club's funding comes from you, the guys busting ass out on the field.

Please, the club needs your support.  I can attend at least the beginning of practice whenever my travel schedule permits.  I am also going to try to get out to at least the early parts of the home matches.  If I am not there, your main contact for arranging payments or paying dues is Julian.  I can also be reached by phone at home or work (numbers below) or by email (also below).  I will also try to announce via email when I will be able to make it out to practices or matches.  Please make the effort to help out the club.

Stu Levine

home - 301-898-8050
work - 301-881-8840 ext. 3363
pager - 877-344-3760
email - Stuart.Levine@sas.com

Mount Rugby hold on to beat Navy

[Oct 6, 1999] As always it's a true joy for the Mount to play Navy and this day was no exception.  They are without a doubt the best conditioned, best coached, and most physical team we play over the 80 minute "tour of duty" we face annually.  The Mount held on to win the "A" match 29-17, and saw some encouraging play from our youth in winning the "B" match 17-3.  This fall we played the Middies as a part of the Emmitsburg Mason-Dixon Fall Festival at the Emmitsburg Elementary School.  The pitch was tight at 60 yds x 90 yds, which really hurt our looping scheme. We took an early lead and steadily built it up to a half time lead of 17-3 and 22-3 with 10 minutes to go.  THEN playing in an already semi complacent mode, came the "three minutes from hell."  Sophomore flanker Billy Potter went down with an hip-abdomen injury that we felt needed an ambulance and with him lying partially in one try zone, our players watching over their shoulders at what was going on, we had 8 straight penalties within our 5 meter line that lead to a penalty try and another try off a penalty play, both under the goal and converted, ergo, 22-17.  To the Mount's credit we snapped out of it, took away possession of the ensuing kickoff and in good multiple phase rugby scored with "Hoss" Williams crashing over.  Converted the try, and shortly thereafter the match ended.   Final MSM 29, NAVY 17

This weekend the Mount travel to American University. For information see www.msmary.edu/rugby/

President's Bench

[Oct 6, 1999] Thanks to Pete Ireland for slaving away in the rain to ensure that we all got to eat some pork (eventually) on Sunday.  I think that my neighbors will forgive me (hopefully before next year!).  As well as eating, the Pool competition was pretty tough and the Golf play-off was, let's say, interesting?!  It was good to have a mixture of Old Boys such as the Grunwell Dynasty, Allen Byrne, David Wright, the ever present Ron Hemby and Wilky along with the Active Players (some I got to meet for the first time when apprehended stealing beer from my kitchen early Sunday morning - Brian!).  I actually got to meet Eamon for the first time. I would tell you what Julian told me to say, but I think we can move above that English/Irish thing!  Thanks to Kenny for presiding over the awards, congratulations to all the winners and also thanks to Jamie for his "lighter" look at the players and in particular our very own "Claw".

One last thing.  You all know that I have been associated with Frederick Rugby as a player and now as President.  You also know that I am a full-time (well almost) Football Coach.  Take it from me.  Listen and learn.  Respond to your new Coach with enthusiasm and commit to him and the program.  You will be able to look back on 1999 as being a banner year for you as an individual and Frederick Rugby as a program.

Kretzer Elected Captain; Reeder - Vice

[Oct 5, 1999] Last night (8/19/99) Frederick Rugby elected a new Captain and Vice Captain.  For the Fall 1999 season, Eric Kretzer will lead the Club with the assistance of Vice Captain Jay Reeder. These two Hagerstown ruggers made the move from Rock City RFC some 8 years ago and have been Frederick Rugby stalwarts as the Club has progressed through the years.

Congratulations to both of these guys - and enjoy the experience.

Manager's Board

[Oct 5, 1999] Preseason 5 and 0 BUT ...

Don't get me wrong, winning four of four matches at the beach, scoring 130 and having only 13 scored against us was a good start.  Although not an official match, Washington showed us that we weren't all that.  The performance against Pittsburgh this weekend was pretty good.  We were over anxious and failed to deliver on offense but there was a lot of good stuff out there.  The problem however is that this weekend the Divisional or Matrix matches start.  We have lost some key players to injury, namely Mike Thompson, Stax Carrington and Tobin Triebel.  We have another group of players who are finding it very tough to get out of work to commit to practice and matches such as Will Brewington, Dareld Dudley, Seth Townley, John Astill and Mike Taylor.  We also have a number of players who are unable to travel this Saturday to Doylestown due to one-off engagements including Pete Ireland, Mike Stull and Kenny Orndoff.

The inability to field a deep squad for the Divisional matches will hurt us all.  Too many players will be playing two matches.  Too many players will have to play injured. In order for us to succeed, we need to pull together and commit to the program.  We only have a few short weeks - seven matches over eight weeks, then it's done, finished and we go into the winter break.

Please do your bit. Just turn up to every practice and match. Support the guys that are having a tough time and encourage those players that are on the fence to commit to the team. Let's roll over Doylestown away this weekend then build with the three home matches. This could be a very successful season - BUT - it will take all of us working hard to achieve it.

Coach's Corner

[Oct 4, 1999] As the coach for this fall season, I would like to remind you that what I coach and what I can coach depends on how well you know and how much you want to know.  As I have said to all of you, "let's get to do RIGHT what we do and THEN we will do MORE."

I don't want to jump ahead, as I would like, but as you all know we have to crawl before we walk!!

I have talked to most of you and explained what style of rugby I would like, but that all depends on the players.

Everyone knows what I want but I cannot give that to you unless I have 100% commitment on and off the field!

I WILL give you all a reason to play rugby if you will show me a reason why you want too!

I am enjoying coaching you and I think you all will progress in rugby if you settle your heads and start using them on the field which I think you are more than capable off.

To play rugby is not a game, it is LIFE!!!!

Mount Rugby roll in Divisional play

[Sep 29, 1999] On a beautiful Fall rugby day the Mount prevailed over Frostburg 66-10 in the "A" match and 33-0 in "B" match.  Frostburg, adjusting to the one game suspension of their capped flyhalf Rob Balnis, were kept out of their pattern of play by a ready to play Mount.  Frostburg is a strong talented team and never gave up.  They have a distinctive, powerful style that when allowed to, gave us a lot of trouble.  The Mount used all six of its substitutions.

Junior Will Bazela led the B's with three long distance tries in their 33-0 win.  Sophomore Billy Potter, junior Bill McGowan and senior Chris McKeffrey each contributed tries and McKeffrey converted on two.  This was a really solid effort.

The Mount hosts the Navy this weekend.  The game will be played in town behind Pizza Hut at the Emmitsburg Elementary School- 1PM.  This match a part of the annual Mason Dixon Fall Festival.

Seen on the sidelines: Tim Farrell '91- track team member and former FRFC rugby flash, Jeff and Jennifer Bertoni '90 and their three wonderful children - Jeff was a hooker of great lore for FRFC on many championship teams.  Tommy Spangler - Falcons, Mason Dixon RFC, and FRFC great, and Mike "Cowboy" Piavis - a "colorful" prop for Mason Dixon RFC.  Mike once bit a Frederick prop on the thigh in a set piece.  Mike is now a principal at a Frederick HS - Scary!

Please visit our web site http://www2.msmary.edu/rugby/

Mount Rugby Beat GW in Home Opener

[Sep 21, 1999] With a scrimmage with Washington RFC and a rain shortened game against IUP'S lowers, the Mount's play was more in sync than GW's. However, even with this advantage, the Mount started out playing a flat "lets sit back and let them come to us" style at the start of match, before pulling away to win 52-10.  Don't be fooled by the score, GW is a well coached, young team that will be really coming at you in short order especially when their new Argentinean youth national team scrumhalf settles in.  We hope to see them in the play offs and know it will be the more typical match these two clubs have.  GW won a well contested B game 19-14.


GW pk 0-3
MSM Try 5-3 SH Ryan Brazell- Quick take penalty Ck- missed
MSM Try 10-3 Penalty try- ball intentionally throw out of bounds
Ck 12-3 Ryan Brazell
MSM Try 17-3 Row Mike Fellows- Second phase 15 yard run- well earned
Ck 19-3 Ryan Brazell
MSM Try 24-3 OC Billy Potter- Second phase
Ck 26-3 Ryan Brazell
Halftime: MOUNT 26- GW 3
MSM Try 31-3 FH Ian Monigle All the way out than back in Ck missed
MSM Try 36-3 FH Ian Monigle Again all the way out that back in with good flanker linkage
Ck 38-3 Evan Curtis
MSM Try 43-3 OC* Jamie Costello Good third phase ball which ended up in a rolling maul score
Ck 45-3 Evan Curtis
GW Try 45-8 Wing on 50 yd. scamper
Ck 45-10
MSM Try 50-3 FL Jimmy "Cutter" Vakas
Ck 52-3 Evan Curtis
FINAL: Mount 52- GW 10

Scoring in the B match was provided by sophomore wing Jake Backover on a second phase run to the corner and senior scrum half Chris McKeefrey, who also converted on one try.  Excellent enthusiasm, hopefully they can get the coaching to keep up with it. Great effort!

This Saturday, September 18th at 1PM, we will host Frostburg University.  They are very strong talented, attacking team.  We hope we will prepared for them.  They lost their home opener to Navy 33-22 and 15-0.

Treasurer's Chest

[Sep 20, 1999] I know you all hear about paying dues from me, Julian, and whoever else may bring up the subject at practice or any other gathering. I want to remind those of you who may have forgotten and inform those of you who may have never realized, why we ask you to pay dues each season.

We all enjoy playing the game of rugby. In my opinion, there is no better game to play. We all like being out with the club, playing matches, winning (usually), and partying afterward. Unfortunately, it does take some funding to be able to field a rugby club, more than ever it seems these days. We are able to fund some of these activities through fund-raising events such as Ron Hemby's demolition parties and Vince DiGioia's destruction/construction gig a couple of weekends ago (thanks to all of you who participated). We are also working on getting some sponsors to help cover some of our costs, mainly the cost of televising some of our home matches on Cable 10 in Frederick.

However, the majority of our financial support comes from you. We rely on the dues-paying members of Frederick Rugby to help pay our way. Some of the expenses that the club incurs over the course of a year include:

  • Potomac Rugby Union dues (a necessary evil)
  • Potomac Referees Society (got to have refs for the matches)
  • Tournament Entry Fees (we have the Atlantic Cup in a couple of weeks)
  • Parties (need I say more)
  • Field and Practice Equipment (balls, tacking dummies, field lining materials, etc.)
  • various other incidental expenses

This season, we also have additional expenses such as the new jerseys everyone has heard about (thanks, Jaybird, for dealing with that) and subsidizing our new coach, Eamon Doyle. Over the past few years, we have achieved our success by having quality coaching from John Redmond and Lance French, and now Eamon.

From what I have heard from other rugby clubs in the area, our dues are extremely reasonable, $85 for our returning members, $40 for new club members. I have heard of clubs in the DC area that are asking members for upwards of $150 per season or more.

I am asking that each Frederick Rugby Club member make an effort to pay their season's dues as soon as possible, preferably by the home match against Pittsburgh on September 4 (Labor Day weekend). I realize that we all have other financial responsibilities along with the club (I have the same problem). We can be flexible about this. If you cannot afford the full season's dues all at once, we can discuss a payment schedule that works for both you and the club.

If you cannot pay all by Sept. 4, if you can pay at least 1/2 by then and talk to me about a schedule by then, that would be great. This would give us the funding we require to get the season started.

I will try to make at least one practice per week, I am usually there at the beginning and can hang around for part of it. If I am not there, you can give your dues to Julian, he will see that I get it and record it.

I have rambled on long enough. I will be at practice, if you would like to take care of your dues or at least talk to me about it.

Mount Rugby Overcomes IUP

[Sep 13, 1999] Saturday September 4th saw the Mount traveling to College Park to play the lower side of Div I Indiana University of PA (IUP).  On a terrific full regulation pitch, the Mount prevailed in a deluge and lighting shortened match 19-7.  The Mount came out on the pitch ready to play and scored within the first 5 minutes on the fourth phase of a slipping and rucking blend by senior forward Kris McKay.  Senior Ryan Brazell converted.  The Mount scored again 10 minutes later on a second phase dummy to Mike Williams taken by junior flyhalf Ian Monigle.  The conversion was missed. IUP came back with a pick up from the scrum.  They also converted.  Wasting no time, the Mount scored with yet another series of possessions that ended with a try by senior forward Teddy Thompson and conversion by Ryan Brazell.  With weather conditions quickly deteriorating, the first half of the match was extended to accommodate some subbing and then within 10 minutes the match was terminated. Final the Mount 19-7.

IUP has a terrific program with a Kenyan scrummy, Aussies at flyhalf and fullback, an All-American at hooker and two really great coaches.  They prevailed over a very well coached, disciplined Maryland club by coming from behind late in the match on some terrific scrumhalf play.

The Mount's first matrix fixture with George Washington University this weekend will be at home instead of in Washington because of field difficulties.  The "A" side match will start at 1PM with the B side match following shortly thereafter.

Manager's Board

[Sep 7, 1999] On Saturday 14th August Frederick rugby enjoyed a workout run by our good friend and current NOVA Coach, Geoff "Cooky" Cooke. In an attempt to avoid the heat, practice was scheduled for 10:00am at Ft. Detrick. This meant that the temperature was only 90F with 90% humidity!! Fortunately however, the early start meant that we were finished before the F1 Tornado struck Ft. Detrick!

The practice was fast paced and centered on drills to focus on and improve change of pace. Basic principles of taking contact on your own terms (a constant refrain from our Coach Eamon) were demonstrated on a tackle bag, or was it Mike "Skully" Stull taking those hand offs from Cooky. Skully was overheard at practice saying that he was sure that Cooky's fist must be sore after contact with his huge chest!!

At times it seemed that water was coming out of our pores quicker than we could drink, and the favorite job was holding a tackle pad, but everyone had fun and focused well.

Eamon and Cooky had the chance to chat through some ideas at the Pub afterwards.  They have very similar approaches focusing on improving ball speed through the hands and emphasizing the effect of change of pace.

I learned a little about Cooky's background that I thought you might be interested in. After playing hooker in New Zealand and being points kicker (don't tell Tool-Time - please!) Cooky had his knee blown out and broke his leg.

After recovery he moved into coaching. His first stop was in Australia where he led his Division I team to a National final, before moving on to Golden Gate in California. From there Cooky went on to Coach at Aspen, where he met Gavin Hastings (Scotland and British Lions Captain). He was invited back to Coach some sessions with Watsonians in Scotland and with Leicester in England.  At Leicester, Cooky got to work with Dean Richards (England #8 through the 1995 World Cup) and a young second row Martin Johnson (now England's Captain and the Captain of the 1997 British Lions who beat South Africa - just brought that up for Kevin Fraser's benefit). Cooky then moved on to coach Breckenridge, Colorado, where he coached Frederick's own Tory Ireland before moving to the Washington DC area. Here he Coached Washington RFC for a few seasons, took a leading role as the Mid-Atlantic All-Star Coach and is now coaching NOVA. Not a bad résumé?!?

Thanks Cooky for your time and we wish NOVA all the best this season.

President's Bench

He tried to move, but we found him ...

[Sep 7, 1999] President Dan Makosy to Host Frederick Rugby Pig Roast

The Frederick Rugby Pig Roast is this Sunday (September 5th) at President Moo's house in Mount Airy.  This will be the 3rd year for this event, organized by Pete Ireland, and is fast becoming Frederick Rugby's favorite fun tradition.  In addition to a lot of pork, there will be salads, sodas and one or two beers consumed. The Spring 1999 Player Awards will be presented by Kenny Orndoff and I have a feeling that Jamie Romano may have a few alternative awards to present!

The cost is just $10 a person and EVERYONE is welcome.  Please bring a couple of friends.  This is a fun time and also a great way to introduce friends, players and sponsors to Frederick Rugby.

Festivities commence at 2:00pm until later.  Moo has a great back yard, deck and a Pool table, should be a great time.

Directions to Frederick Rugby Pig Roast:  Take I-70 East towards Baltimore to exit 68, Rt-27 North.  Go straight, approx. 4 miles, turn right onto Gillis Falls Road.  Go approx. 0.5 miles, turn left onto Challedon Circle.  Take the third left onto Torrey Pines Drive.  Moo's house is white with black shutters 6051 Torrey Pines Drive

See you there at 2:00pm

National 7s Results

[Aug 7, 1999] Cup/Plate Quarterfinals

Philly-Whitemarsh 14 v. Baltimore 12
Seattle-Fiji 19 v. Tempe 7
NOVA 17 v. St.Louis 7
Orlando 14 v. Elvis at the Opry 10

Plate Semifinals

Baltimore 14 v. Elvis at the Opry 12
Tempe 12 v. St.Louis 0

Plate Final

Tempe 24 v. Baltimore 12

Cup Semifinals

Philly-Whitemarsh 24 v. Orlando 0
NOVA 31 v. Seattle-Fiji 0

Cup Final

Philly-Whitemarsh 26 v. NOVA 19

Former Frederick great to coach USA 7's 2000 team [Don Briggs]

[Aug 7, 1999] Former Washington team mate AND Frederick player, (he played one game in the green and black in 1991), Tommy Smith is on the move again.  Tommy has just been appointed US National 7's Coach.

What's the value of a high school program?  Tommy played high school rugby at Walter Johnson HS (MD) under the wings of Washington RFC and went on to be an Eagle.

We played together for the Eastern Rugby Union in the 1976 bicentennial match against Julian's buddies France and lost in the last minute 14-16. A US team has never been that close to beating a major.  The following week they beat the newly formed Eagles, or I should say, West Coast team, 33-0.

USA Rugby Taps New 7s Coach for 2000 Season

(Berkeley, California) 12 August 1999 -- Former Eagle Tommy Smith will coach the United States 7s team for the 2000 international season, while John Tyler will assume a management role alongside program director Keith Seaber, as the US bids to overhaul its seven-a-side program.

Smith assumes his duties this weekend at USA Rugby's club 7s championships in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

The Aspen, Colorado-based Smith is best known as one of the USA's great exponents of the abbreviated game. He captained the Eagles 19 times and made 45 appearances in all, claiming the "best and fairest" award at Hong Kong in 1986. His coaching credentials include a decade with UCLA and twice steering a Pacific Coast side to the semifinals of the Dubai 7s tournament.

After playing in seven tournaments last year, the Eagles expect to reduce their commitments, increasing the odds that all the program's elite players can make themselves available.

Smith's first priority is to mold a game plan around the players available to the 7s program. "We've got to play to our strengths, including our athleticism and our innovation," he said. "My current assessment is that we lack the ability to control the tempo of the game. But this can be turned around in no time." The one-coach system is a change from last year's three-coach rotation scheme, which included Tyler (now in a squad management role), Bill Russell (unavailable because of work commitments), and Steve Gray (who holds a full-time academic position).

Coach's Corner

[Sep 7, 1999] As your newly appointed coach for this Fall season, it gives me great pleasure in joining a club as prestigious as yours.  As I have already seen from your new web page, you nearly know more about me than I do.

Now for the boring part.

A rugby coach is: a leader; An organizer/manager; a friend/counselor/teacher; a motivator; and a fall guy/scapegoat

My reason for becoming a coach are as follows: 
    1. To achieve on the field success
    2. To help players enjoy themselves
    3. To help players develop, both within and outside rugby
    4. To help promote and develop rugby as a whole

The continued growth of your rugby club will rely very much on the input of all the members. People willing to contribute to the game need two valuable commodities - Time and Knowledge/willingness to gain knowledge.

One of the most important issues of any sport as you all well know is FITNESS, FITNESS, FITNESS.  I will endeavor to develop your skills and your game.

On a softer note, anybody wishing to talk to me about the game at any stage is more than welcome.  If they are carrying two pints (with my name on one) I will talk to them even longer!!

Master Carpenters Dave Wilsey and Chris Sipe bring in $800 for FRFC

[Aug 31, 1999] In the last fundraiser of the summer a solid work gang of FRFC players traveled to Middletown for a demolition/deck prep job for Flanker Vince Digioia. The crew consisted of Eric "The Claw" Aldinger, Vinny Baker, Mike "Skully" Stull, Stu Levine, Julian, Scott Doyle, Sherwin Wang, Chris Sipe and Dave Wilsey.  Unfortunately, problems with equipment limited the scale of the job, but the highlight was watching Dave and Chris frame-up ditches for concrete. Thanks to all who contributed their Saturday morning to the Club and thanks to Vince D for putting the work our way.

Slug 7s: Frederick has a blast; takes 2nd place trophy

[Aug 20,1999] Frederick rugby rounded out a summer of social sevens in style this weekend, going 4 and 1, to take the Plate trophy.

The day really wasn't as hot as anticipated, had a fair amount of cloud cover and a little sprinkle of rain. The fields were OK, just hard and brown - but that's 7s for you in Maryland! We all have extra strawberries and weeping wounds!

Frederick turned up with just the right number of players for one of these tournaments:  Kenny Orndoff; Eric "The Claw" Aldinger; Dave "New Wave" Gentzel; Mike "Tool-Time" Taylor; Brian Taormina; Rob "Ferret" Smith; Jay "JJ" Myles; Seth "Heavy" Townley; Steve "Beanpole" Roads; Cutter; Julian Reading

Jamie Romano and Art Hall turned up in time for the second match (Art's map reading skills have deserted him for the last two weeks) and Timmy Desmond arrived at lunchtime to replace the Ferret (who had to get back home to tend to his pregnant wife). Just in time for the final young Will "Wheels" Brewington strolled up.

The first match placed Frederick against a solid USUSHS team. Unfortunately we were pretty cold and went down 19 - 12. Actually - although this was strictly for fun and all - we were pretty disappointed at letting ourselves down on that one. Of course it was all because Eric Aldinger missed that one tackle (just kidding HA! HA!). That was the only match that Frederick were to lose, but it bumped us out of the Cup and into the Plate competition. Solid wins against West Potomac and Towson State Oldboys rounded out the pool play. In the semi-finals Frederick played very well and beat our local "friends" Washington Irish and then even sweeter went on to thump Severn River in the final. Captain Jamie Romano has a good looking trophy now acting as Sunny's water bowl at home.

Thanks to Kenny for running things, thanks to everyone for paying and a good time was had by all. Our two college players (just with us for summer vacation). Steve from Frostburg and Cutter from Mount Saint Mary's have both developed really well though the summer and should go back to their programs with some confidence.

Thanks also to Jim and Laurel Ford for stopping by and also the elusive Jeff Lutton was on hand.

Manager's Board

[Aug 19,1999] Fall 1999 Campaign......I love it when a plan comes together!

As we approach August and the opportunity to regain our title as Mid-Atlantic Division II North champions, the behind the scenes work is coming together. 

Most importantly, we have a Full Time, Professional Coach, Eamon Doyle arriving from Northern Ireland on August 5th. To add to this, Jim Ford has agreed to be part of the Coaching team and serve as assistant, translator and guide to Eamon.

Another very important part of the Coaching team are all the Senior players. It is up to us to help out the developing players to ensure that the Club has depth and a consistent approach to the game.

We have confirmation that Ft. Detrick will remain our home pitch through the year 2000, might be time to invest a little time and effort into maintaining our favorite slope in Frederick! Also, Pat O'Connell has secured us access to the full football field at 7th Street for September and October (we will practice under natural light at Ft. Detrick through August to have access to a full size pitch).

Practices must start on time to avoid working in the dark (7:30pm - 9:00pm) each Tuesday and Thursday.

We will once again be televising the four divisional home matches - if you know of commercial sponsors who would like to be part of the Frederick Rugby Program, now is the perfect time to chat.

Sorry to bring this up - BUT - we need dues to be paid on time this season ($85 for a regular player, $40 for a new guy).

See you at practice.

US v England 'A' Tuesday (8-17-99)

[Aug 19,1999] Four uncapped players and five more with 13 tests shared among them feature in the United States team to meet England 'A' Tuesday (8/17/99) night at Northampton.

Rugby World Cup roster spots could be at stake, US head coach Jack Clark said in announcing the tourists' midweek team. The task of facing a side with seven British Lions is intended to prepare the US for its Pool E matches, set to begin in seven weeks' time.

"The challenge is so severe that I don't know whether to laugh or cry," Clark said. "It will of course be a huge ask for our players.  The only good news is many of the players don't know what a British Lion is, and therefore they're fearless."

Early tour injuries have forced the US to juggle its lineup, as flanker Richard Tardits has been ruled out for tomorrow night's first-up match.  Tardits suffered what appears to be a torn meniscus in training on Saturday, and will undergo a magnetic resonance imaging procedure today.  The veteran is likely to return home for a rush arthroscopic operation, in the hope that he could be back in time for the World Cup.

Meanwhile, centers Mark Scharrenberg and Alatini Saulala are day-to-day, and will have to pass fitness tests before Tuesday evening. Altogether, the trio's absence would rob the US of 71 caps.

In forwards, hooker and 1999 US University player of the year Kirk Khasigan joins 1999 debutante Joe Clayton and uncapped Marc L'Huillier in the front row.

Second rowers Eric Reed and Rob Johnston also are uncapped.

The backrow trio of Shaun Paga, Dougald Gillies, and Rob Lumkong boasts a bit more experience, though only the latter was part of the USA's 1997 tour of Wales, the last time the Eagles visited one of the home unions.

Britt Howard and Mark Williams form the halfback pairing, with the Gentlemen of Aspen veteran captaining the side for the first time since a leading the US to a midweek victory of Pontypridd on that same 1997 tour.

Scharrenberg and Saulala are the centers, with Brian Hightower and uncapped 20-year-old Sinpati Uiagalelei listed at wing. Chris Morrow, like Hightower a new cap in the 1997 Cadiff Arms Park match, is the fullback.

United States: Chris Morrow; Sinipati Uiagalelei, Alatini Saulala, Mark Scharrenberg, Brian Hightower; Mark Williams (captain), Britt Howard; Joe Clayton, Kirk Khasigian, Marc L'Huiller, Eric Reed, Rob Johnston, Shaun Paga, Dougald Gillies, Rob Lumkong. Reserves: Kurt Shuman, David Niu, Kevin Dalzell, Fifita Mounga, Dave Hodges, Ray Lehner, Tom Billups.


USA England
1 Joe Clayton Graham Rowntree (Leicester)
2 Kirk Khasigan Phil Greening (Sale)
3 Marc L'Huillier Victor Ubogu (Bath)
4 Eric Reed Simon Shaw (Wasps)
5 Rob Johnston Tim Rodber (Northampton)
6 Shaun Paga Ben Clarke (Bath)
7 Dougald Gillies Joe Worsley (Wasps)
8 Rob Lumkong Martin Corry (Leicester)
9 Britt Howard Martyn Wood (Wasps)
10 Mark Williams Paul Grayson (Northampton)
11 Brian Hightower Leon Lloyd (Leicester)
12 Mark Scharrenberg Barry-John Mather (Sale)
13 Alatini Saulala Will Greenwood (Leicester)
14 Sinpati Uiagalelei David Rees (Sale)
15 Chris Morrow Nick Beal (Northampton)

Note:  This game will NOT be televised in the US; 
however, you may find useful news through scrum.com.

New jerseys to be ordered NOW!

[Aug 16, 1999] A new set of jerseys will be ordered this weekend. The Club will place an order for 21, if any individuals would also like to purchase a jersey, you can be included in this order. Please note that you will need to mail a check for $55.00 made out to FRFC to me today or tomorrow in order to be included in this initial order. The $55.00 includes FRFC logo and number and must be paid upfront (sorry - no CODs!!).

My address is:- 1509 Scott's Chase Drive, Frederick. MD 21702

About the jerseys.

Jay Reeder has been investigating jersey suppliers over the summer for quality, innovation (believe it or not there is innovation even in rugby jerseys!) and style. Jay settled on a jersey manufactured in New Zealand and actually distributed through Geoff Cooke, former Coach of Tory in Breckenridge and currently affiliated with NOVA in addition to just about every All-Star squad in the Mid-Atlantic.

The material is a synthetic blend similar to that used in the Super-12s this year. It is very light, yet extremely strong and has a "wick" effect drawing water away from the body to aid cooling. The design (including logo and number) are actually dyed into the material, so no embroidery or heat applied numbers to wear and tear. The unit cost for the jerseys is a flat $55.00 that includes tool set-up, and fully complete jerseys (design plus logo plus number). If you are unable to get the money to me to be part of this order, a second order will be placed at the end of the season (minimum of 5 jerseys on a group order).

The pattern chosen by a group of the Club "Wisemen" (as you can imagine - it wasn't a large group!!) blends Frederick tradition with an updated image. The jersey is mainly green with a black and white horizontal fade built in (sorry - difficult to describe - but very striking!).

As the jersey will take 4 weeks to produce and deliver, Jay will place the order on Monday July 19th. As half of the money is required up front, you need to get the money (check made out to FRFC for $55) to me by Saturday so that I can pass on to Jay this weekend.

Also, please note that the actual cost of the jersey is $55.00. As you are all members of Frederick Rugby you will not be charged any additional fee - this is not a fundraiser.

Meet the Coach: Thursday August 5th

[Aug 14, 1999] Our new Coach Eamon Doyle will be arriving from Ireland on Thursday 5th August.  He will get into Frederick for the tail end of practice (at 7th Street 7:15pm to 9:00pm) and come for a beer at the Olde Towne Tavern. If you are curious, come along.

15s Starts Tues 10 Aug 7:30pm at 7th Street

[Aug 14, 1999] The first official 15s practice of the Fall 1999 Campaign will be Tuesday 10th August. Practice will start promptly at 7:30pm - so get there early to stretch.  We will practice at 7th Street. If we require more room we can move to Fort Detrick for Thursday. Mark this in you calendars and call your team mates to make sure that we have a solid start to the season.

We will be playing Touch-League at 7th Street this Tuesday and Thursday. If you can, turn up. This week is going to be pretty cool, a good chance to get back into shape!

New coach due in by end of August

[Aug 3, 1999] I am very pleased to announce that Frederick Rugby has a new Coach for our Fall 1999 campaign.  His name is Eamon Doyle and he is a fully qualified and experienced rugby coach from Northern Ireland. I'll give you a little background on our new Coach, cc him so that if you would like to e-mail him directly you can, and then set out what we at Frederick Rugby are required to do to ensure that the new Coach can effectively make us a better team.

Eamon began playing rugby at the age of 12 at grammar school then moved on to the Cookstown RFC Men's Club near Ulster, Northern Ireland. In addition to being the A-side Fly Half, Eamon began taking on the role of Player-Coach in 1995. In 1996, Eamon took on the additional role of Head Coach of the local High School team. In 1997, at the age of 26, Eamon's playing career was ended through injury. He then took over the role of Head Coach at Cookstown RFC, full-time, and began his Coaching accreditation courses with the IRB. By the end of 1998, Eamon was fully accredited up to level 3 Coaching, the highest level attainable in Ireland. This level Coach is authorized to Coach teams from Junior level, through Men's Club to Provincial level (regional All-Star teams).

At Cookstown RFC, Eamon coached the mens A-side and B-side as well as the U16 youth squad. In addition, Eamon is the strength and fitness Coach for the local Gaelic Footbal team (some weird version of football that you would have to get Allen to explain!!).

Just before we made our 1999 run to the National Sweet-16, Eamon was over in England at the Bournemouth Rugby Club, when he ran into Darren Clarke. Many of you know Darren as the English Prop who was introduced to Frederick Rugby by Tory Ireland, who brought him back from Breckenridge in the Fall of 1998. They got to talking and Darren mentioned that we may be looking for an experienced Coach. Just as we went to Chicago for the Nationals, I received an e-mail from Eamon. I have had several chats with Eamon, I also asked Allen Byrne (a fellow Irishman) to talk with him and have received two very good references from Ireland praising Eamon's coaching abilities.

During the Club meeting at the Keys game on Wednesday, President Dan Makosy and members of the Coach Search Committee reviewed the applications for Head Coach of Frederick Rugby. They decided that their first choice would be Eamon. I sent out an offer on Friday and am very pleased to say that Eamon has accepted the position. He will arrive in Frederick early in August.

I hope that you can see what a great opportunity we have here. First of all, take a moment to think. Frederick Rugby has done so well that the Club is discussed in Rugby Club bars in England and Irish Coaches want to come to the program. That is credit to all of us, players, former players, Club mates and supporters. Now let's think what we can acheive with this sort of injection of fresh ideas from a professional Irish Coach.

In order for Eamon to build-up the Frederick Rugby Program we need to do a few things for him. Most important is to make the commitment to attend practice.

We will also have to work on our fitness, outside of practice, and be open to new ideas. If we go into the Fall 1999 season together, with the desire to let Eamon help us be the best team in the Mid-Atlantic, there is no way that we can fail.

Please remember that we are representing Frederick Rugby and the people of Frederick, so be sure to extend Eamon every courtesy and due respect.

New FrederickRugby.org web

[Aug 2, 1999] In an effort to reach out to our local and extended community, we have repurposed and rehosted the frederickrugby.org website.  With Julian and (English) John guiding the effort, Walt has tried to deliver a site that can work to support the club's new objectives.  We will be making some major revisions to the site as we go through the Fall.

Use it, comment on it, and contribute to it ... let's make it work ...

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