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Why would I want to play rugby?
If you've ever played, you're not asking this question. Why would you want to play? Because you don't want to relegate yourself to touch football, softball, volleyball, badminton, croquet, bocci, or other non-contact sports and activities. Rugby is a game that tests you physically and, even more so, mentally. If you're not ready to give up contact sports and have yet to sign your NFL contract, we have an avenue for you to release some of that competitiveness.

Iíve played rugby at college, what does Frederick Rugby have to offer?
Frederick Rugby competes in menís Division II and gives you the opportunity to play rugby on the national stage at the Sweet-16 tournament and with the Mid-Atlantic All-Star squads. The club has reached the National Elite-8 four times (1994, 1998, 1999 and 2000) reaching the final in 1998. We plan to return in 2006. Frederick players have been selected each year to represent the territory in the Florida All-Star tournament where the Eagle coaches scout new players.

The club has an experienced, qualified coaching staff, access to pitches and indoor facilities and runs two full sides. You will be developing your rugby skills with experienced players in a very positive environment. If you are good enough, you will quickly be selected to the senior squad. The club runs a second squad of developing players with a specialist coach. Everyone plays on a Saturday.

If you wish to further develop your rugby skills with a winning program and look to move to the next level, Frederick Rugby is a great club to join. Check out the Player Roster to see some of the colleges our players have attended.

I've never played before, can I still play?
Yes. There's a position for everyone and we have all been in your spot at some point. Frederick Rugby fields two 15-man teams (or sides) each week. Our A-Side is our competitive team and our B-Side is our developmental and social side. Regardless of your experience, you will get to play. Of course, with the help of our coaches and more experience players, you'll learn some necessary skills before taking that first step out on the field (or pitch).

Where does Frederick Rugby play its matches?
Frederick Rugby plays in the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Footbal Union (MARFU). Members of MARFU come from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Delaware, and North Carolina, and we visit teams in these states thoughout our season. Our home matches are usually played in downtown Frederick at Baker Park.

What kind of commitment are we talking about?
During the season, just two nights of practice each week and the matches on Saturdays. Our season is split into Fall and Spring seasons. We begin the Fall season in August and end in early November. Our Spring season begins in February and ends in May. No one can make it to every practice and game, but you need to be there as often as possible. As for costs, they are minimal. Cleats, shorts, and a mouthguard are your only equipment costs.

What kind of social activities does Frederick Rugby have?
Traditional socials include the Annual Golf Tournament and Pig Roast and the Winter Banquet. We also visit Savannah, GA, for St. Patrick's Day and Dewey, DE, each year for large social rugby tournaments. As a club, we have travelled internationally to play as well, the most recent being to England in the Fall of 2002. Another international tour is in the works. After the matches each Saturday, the host club always throws a social party for the visiting team and their supporters. Rugby is a very social sport and many other activities pop-up from time to time. Just join us, announce a party at your place and we'll be over.

What kind of people make up Frederick Rugby?
Players include everything from medical researchers and engineers to police officers and educators and everything in-between. It's a close-knit motley crew to be sure.

Does Frederick Rugby offer employment assistance?
Itís tough getting started in the work place after college. Rugby is a great way to network in a community. You know how tight players need to be on the pitch, the same bond is there off the field. We know Frederick and the surrounding area very well. Players run their own companies, are members of professional organizations and can steer your resumť to the right people.

I want to play, what do I do?
Contact us via the New Player Form. If you'd like to come out and watch a match, check the schedule and come on by. We're a pretty friendly bunch, just look for a player on the sidelines and tell him you'd like to play. They'll be glad to talk to you because they know that as soon as you lace up the cleats and play a match, you'll be one of their comrades.

Why is rugby a great sport that builds such comradarie among teammates?
The following article captures the alure of rugby pretty well. The article is "Brotherhood of Dented Heads" by Jay Atkinson and was published in Men's Health (Sept. 2002).
     IF ALL SPORTS ARE REALLY ABOUT WAR, then rugby is an 18th-century epic 
     of bayonet charges and hand-to-hand fighting. On an expanded football 
     field without any yard lines, the teams line up facing each other like 
     infantrymen wearing cleated boots. Much of rugby's appeal is that it's 
     so unlike the rest of everyday life. Being in a scrum, particularly right 
     in the middle -- at hooker, where I play -- is nothing like driving my 
     7-year-old son to school or tossing crackers into a shopping cart. When 
     the referee shouts, "Ready. En-gage!" and 16 men collide with the thump 
     of bone on bone, ordinary concerns vanish in the midst of all that 
     heaving and pushing. Playing rugby is an extrasensory form of life, where 
     every blade of grass is individuated, and things off the field -- family 
     problems, business worries, even one's own sense of mortality -- seem 
     caught in amber. The joy of risk crowds out the dread.

     But for all the adrenaline, the deeper attraction of rugby is its 
     brotherhood. A rugby team is a tribe. When we gather -- from Tennessee 
     and New Hampshire and Florida -- we talk in a shorthand that outsiders 
     are never privy to. We taunt each other in an obscene and colorful 
     language designed to hide the second-most-important reason we play the 
     game: to earn the respect of our teammates.

     Sure, it may be that in our pasts we have, now and then, let other people 
     down, maybe even women and kids. But when you handle the difficult moments 
     that fall under your jurisdiction, when your personal link in the rugby 
     chain holds up under pressure, it's a sort of redemption. We play for each 

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