A detailed guide on How to Play Red Dog Casino Game

Although this game is commonly referred to as Red Dog Poker, it only uses a few aspects of the poker gameplay, with some of the hand rankings identical. When learning how to play Red Dog, it is important to have an understanding of other casino card games, with this game played with just 3 cards on a table that resembles those found in blackjack.

Getting Started

When learning how to play Red Dog, it is imperative that players have a basic understanding of the gameplay as well as the official set-ups that are found in both online and land-based casinos. Also known as Acey-Deucy and In-Between, this casino card game is played on a blackjack sized table marked with a Bet and a Raise betting spot and can be played with up to 5 decks of cards at a time.

Red Dog Game Play

Though learning how to play Red Dog may not prove to be an easy task at first, the game is considered extremely enjoyable with a decent understanding of how it works. The object of the game is to bet on whether the value of the 3rd card drawn falls between the value of the the first and second card drawn.

Values are determined by the cards, with 2-10 counted at face value, Jack counted as 11, the Queen counted as 12, the King counted as 13 and Ace counted as 14. Ultimately, players need to place their bets according to the anticipated value of the 3rd card as well as the spread value between the cards.

Gameplay in Red Dog Poker

Although learning how to play Red Dog seems difficult, it has become a favourite for many players with an interesting take on betting and gameplay. Though the outcome varies, all games begin with ante and the limits of the different types of bets are typically determined by the house. Once bets have been placed the dealer deals two cards face up, with 1 on the left and the other on the right.

Next it is up to the player to place a bet and determine whether the 3rd card dealt will add up to a value that falls between the first 2 cards that are now on the table, with the suits irrelevant when adding up points.

Possible Outcomes in Red Dog Poker

There are a number of outcomes that need to be considered when learning how to play Red Dog, namely the pair hand, the consecutive hand and the non-consecutive hand. A pair hand occurs when the first 2 cards drawn are of the same rank and the dealer must then draw the 3rd card. If the value of the 3rd card is the same as the value of the first , the player will be paid out 11 to 1. If not, it is then declared a push and bets are refunded.

In the consecutive hand, the first 2 cards drawn must be consecutive, no 3rd card is drawn by the dealer and the hand is declared a push. The non-consecutive hand however, occurs when 2 different cards are drawn. The https://onlinecasinogames.co.nz/live-dealer/ will then announce the spread before placing a Red Dog on the table. Once the spread is announced, players can either raise their wager before drawing the 3rd card or stand. A win is awarded if the player’s 3rd card lies between the values of the first 2.