A Guide to Golf Betting in New Zealand

Golf is a hugely popular sport in New Zealand, with there being some of the most beautiful courses set in incredible natural scenery which attracts visitors from around the world.  It is the biggest of all the New Zealand club sports, and there are approximately half a million New Zealanders that play golf, with around 5 million rounds played every year in the country. Membership to clubs is affordable as well, so it is no surprise that golf bets are really popular with Kiwis too.

Golf Bets – New Zealand And Abroad

Golf and betting enthusiasts in New Zealand are able to bet on local as well as international golf events through betting top 10 websites and sportsbooks that make the process of placing golf bets really easy and streamlined.   Some of the tournaments you may want to place your golf bets on locally are some of the meets that make up the Charles Tour.  These include placing your golf bets on the Harewood Open, the Carrus Open and the Autex Muriwai Open, which are some of the meets which add up to the championship cup for the Charles Tour.

Also super to place bets on are the World Masters Games, the Asia Pacific Amateur Championships and the TORO Men’s and Women’s interprovincial championships.  There are so many big international competitions to place bets on as well such as the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship, the Masters and the British Open. Different sports betting website will offer different championship and games, so take a look around at the main sportsbooks and decide which ones are better for you, once you know which games you want to place your money on.

Types Of Markets For Golf Bets

There are many different options for betting on golf such as who will win the match, picking the positions of the top three or top five as well as which golf players will make the cut in the first instance for that particular match.

Futures betting – some of the bookmakers will list the odds for hundreds of golfers for all four of the major tournaments many months prior to the tournament actually starting.  These can offer very good odds (as the odds will change closer to the tee-off), but run the risk of being worthless if the player you bet on retires, doesn’t qualify or is injured prior to the golf tournament.

Props in golf – New Zealand punters have the option of betting on some exciting props golf bets such as ‘will there be any hole in ones’ in the tournament’, ‘the top 10 finishers’, ‘the top five finishers’ and other choices like’ who has the lowest round’, also cut score and whether individual golfers will make the cut for that tournament.  Home country props bets are also popular.

Standard Lines – there are lines on all of the big tournaments and many smaller ones too.  Your golf bets could go on the winner for each round, as well as on golfer versus golfer options with a spread (often .5 of any stroke so as to avoid a tie situation).