Big Bad Wolf Online Video Slot Game Introduced

Big Bad Wolf, a creation by the brilliant developers at Quickspin, is based on everyone’s favourite fairy tale, known most commonly to children and adults the world over, as The Three Little Pigs.  The fairy tale, in the form and shape that it is known today, first appeared in English Fairy Tales, compiled by Joseph Jacobs.  The story tells the tale of three little pigs, varying in intellectual capability, and their combined efforts to outsmart the evil Big Bad Wolf.

The three little pigs seek to outwit the Big Bad Wolf, and each decide to build a house made of various materials.  One builds a house of straw, another a house of sticks, and the smartest of the lot, a house made of bricks.  In the end, they all team up together and manage to outsmart the wolf.  It is a story of teamwork triumphing over difficulty.

Big Bad Wolf is an online video slot game, and is played on 25 paylines.  The game includes a number of special features, such as Multiple Wild Symbols, a Free Spins Bonus Game and the Swooping Reels Feature.  The reels are set within the frame of the famous straw house fashioned by the first little pig, and the graphics make the game inviting and visually stimulating.

Big Bad Wolf can be played for free or for real money.

Big Bad Wolf Wild and Standard Symbols

A quirky looking Bee Hive represents the Wild Symbol during standard play, and the Moon symbol represents the Special Symbol during the game’s Free Spins Bonus Game.  The Three Little Pigs and their arch enemy, the Big Bad Wolf, also appear on the game’s reels.

Big Bad Wolf Free Spins Bonus Game

Ten free spins are awarded whenever three or more of the Big Bad Wolf scatter symbols appear anywhere on the game’s reels.

The feature can be re-activated.

The Big Bad Wolf Blowing Down the House Feature

Moon symbols are bonus symbols and are collected during Free Spins Games.  Depending on the total number of moon symbols collected, the Big Bad Wolf will blow down either the house made of sticks (3 moon symbols) or the house made of bricks (6 moon symbols).  Additional Free Spins are awarded in this way.

The Wild Pig Symbol Feature

As the top Aussie online slots games progresses, tally is kept of the total number of wins.   Each consecutive win causes a piggy to be transformed into a wild symbol for the next spin.   Six consecutive wins will result in all three of the little pigs being transformed into wild symbols.

The Swooping Reels Feature

All winning symbols are immediately moved off the screen in a swooping fashion,  and replaced by new symbols.  The Big Bad Wolf Swooping Reels Feature only draws to a close when no winning combinations of symbols have been landed.

The game is wildly entertaining and is presented in a cartoon-like style.  The symbols are drawn in a detailed fashion, and it is clear that a lot of thought went into developing the theme of the original story into a game that is both interactive as well as stimulating.