Find Out If Mobile Casinos Are Really Safe

The options to play real money casinos on your mobile device are overwhelming. Hundreds of casino sites offer specialised apps, meaning that you can turn your smartphone into a portable, real money casino. It’s extremely entertaining, and few will deny; supremely convenient.

But, in this age of cyber theft, hackers, and potential digital robbery, many also wonder if mobile casinos are really safe. After all, it seems like every other day that some or other hacking story is splashed across news headlines.

Let’s take a closer look.

Only Download Verified Apps

It goes without saying that casino sites will only guarantee your safety if you are using official, licensed software. Online casinos offer their own apps directly from their sites, or via app stores, and this is the only place you should ever make a download. Never, under any circumstances download an app unless you are 100% certain that it is official.

There are questionable, potentially dangerous fake applications out there, and the unscrupulous will use them for devious means. This is why both Android and Apple even have restrictions on their devices, disallowing the installation of unofficial software. But this doesn’t mean it is impossible for the software to get on you device. So be careful when you make a download, and double check it is coming from a legit place.

Encrypted Communication

When mobile casinos communicate with a server, they use encryption methods known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS.) These are the same secure methods used by online banks, and are virtually beyond being cracked. A hacker would have to guess upwards of a 3 trillion variable combination.

So, as long as verified apps are used, and the device is secure, it is all but impossible for any information to be intercepted or stolen. No matter what movies would have you believe, this is not the sort of security that can be overridden via a person hammering away on their keyboard.

Keep Your Device Secure

However all of the above security would be for nought, if the device itself is not secure. If malicious software has been installed on your device, one way or another, security may be compromised. But keep in mind that this software cannot install itself, and would have to have been accidently installed by a user.

It is rare that this happens, but again not impossible. Be sure, once again, to never install software from any source that isn’t trusted. Casino sites go through extraordinary measures to keep your information and money safe, but if you aren’t keeping your device safe, they certainly can’t be held responsible.


Mobile casinos are certainly safe, using cutting edge encryption methods. As long as the device itself is also kept safe, there is no realistic risk of cyber theft occurring.

Always remember; only download apps from trusted sources, and take every precaution with your login details. The real risk to security may be in your immediate vicinity, and not in the online world at all.