Going In Style

Remake Of The Classic Going In Style

Going In Style is a remake of a 1979 heist film. Tony Bill who was the producer of the original film will also be involved with the remake along with Donald De Line. The film has been in development since 2012 and is set to be released in April 2017.

Theodore Melfi has done the script for the film; he previously gained fame for his work on his debut feature film, St.Vincent starring Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. Photography on the film started in 2015. It is yet to be revealed if the remake will take place in the same areas as the original. The famous Aladdin Hotel and Casino and the Las Vegas strip featured prominently in the original film. So far the only confirmed location is the Astoria in Queens and Brooklyn New York. The film is to be distributed by Warner Brothers Pictures and it was produced by New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures, De Line Pictures and RatPac-Dune Entertainment.

The Crew Of Going In Style

Zach Braff, most well known for his role in the hit series Scrubs is directing the film. He has a few critically acclaimed films under his belt. He is joined by seasoned veterans Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Dustin Hoffman. Joey King and Matt Dillon round out the cast of characters, with king set to play Michael Caine’s granddaughter and Matt Dillon playing an FBI agent pursuing the three male leads.

The Seasoned Veteran Actors

The award winning cast shares a multitude of accolades between them. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are two of the biggest box office draws in Hollywood and Zach Braff’s subtle and humane directing can only compliment the three talents on screen, not to mention the always excellent Dustin Hoffman. The theme of the original is essentially don’t just sit down and wait for death, but live life to the fullest. The cast and directorial combo, along with De Line’s writing, promises an entertaining and emotional journey.

The Plot Of Going In Style

In the original film, three lifelong friends, way past retirement decide to plan a heist. They share an apartment and spend their days strolling through the park, feeding the birds and generally just waiting to die. One day Joe, one of the three friends thinks of a plan to rob a bank, while he is himself standing in the bank to collect a social security check.

He raise the idea with the rest of the crew they all becomes excited and are on board. For the first time in ages they feel like they are alive and they are excited about the days ahead. They rob a bank and decide to celebrate their winnings at a Las Vegas Casino. At the casino they more than double their heist money before they return home but eventually the law and life catches up with them as death takes two of them and Joe is incarcerated. The message of the original is positive though, implying that you should live your live day by day and that you should take all chances at happiness because the risk and eventual reward would be worth it.