Ipswich F&M Series Heat

Ipswich Racecourse, F&M Series Heat

The aim of the Cannonball Series is to provide opportunities for horses which are suited to short course sprints in a series of races which fall outside the auspices of traditional race programming. It is also felt that the addition of a bonus, which is based on the winning time in the Final, would add particular profile and interest to the series.

The Cannonball Ipswich, F&M Series Heat Series comprises five heats commencing on 3 October at Kilcoy RC, culminating in a final at the same venue on 6 December. The additional venue utilised is Ipswich Turf Club, where the second and fifth heats will be conducted.

The focus venue wise would be Kilcoy RC as it is felt that it is ideally suited to short course racing and its 800m races invariably provide a good spectacle. Furthermore, an aim would be to restrict the NZ betting races to 800m starts hence there are limited suitable venues available for this to take place.

The Australian Horse Racing Industry

Horse racing has demonstrated its popularity amongst Australians. The gambling industry associated with it ensures a powerful online support system, promising unlimited betting action with high stakes and high rewards. A test of courage, skill and a bit of luck, the horses and their horse betting counterparts offer the dedicated punter an opportunity to rake in the winnings by excelling at horse winning predictions. This is achieved successfully only through practice, patience and the mmost effective utilisation of the form guide and information available. Punters will have their work cut out for them, finding the best races, odds and horses but the return is worth the work. Plus the road along the way is paved with excitement and the scent of hard earned victories. To this end the Cannonball Series is comprised of the following heats:

  1. Saturday 3 October Kilcoy Racing Club BM65 800m $16 000
  2. Friday 16 October Ipswich Turf Club BM75 800m $16 000
  3. Friday 30 October Kilcoy Racing Club BM70 800m $16 000
  4. Sunday 15 November Warwick Turf Club BM65 800m $16 000
  5. Wednesday 25 November Ipswich Turf Club BM75 800m $16 000

The Series Final at Kilcoy

The Series Final is to be held on Sunday 6 December Kilcoy RC BM75 800m $30 000. In the heats, race 2 and 5 at the Ipswich Turf Club will feature fillies and mares (f & m). Aggregated points scored in the Heats, according to horses’ placing(s), will determine the composition of the field in the Final, if a ballot becomes necessary. Heats’ Points Allocation: 1st – 10 Points, 2nd – 8 Points, 3rd – 7 Points, 4th – 6 Points, 5th – 5 Points, 6th – 4 Points, 7th – 3 Points, 8th – 2 Points and Others – 1 Point. Any horse that wins a Heat in the series shall be exempt from the ballot in the Final.

Punters will be spoiled for choice in this series and particularly at the Ipswich Turf Club (f&m) series heat, and as a result the diligent ones can capitalise lucratively on the opportunity before them. An additional perk to the large popularity of online horse betting is that punters can find floating odds that sway depending on public opinions and bets, meaning that the right bets, made at the right times can be even more lucrative