Professional eSports Betting Tips

eSports is the mass-spectator entertainment of the future, because it can assemble big teams and even bigger crowds virtually. Whether you enjoy eSports based on traditional sports, like FIFA20 football, or those based on fantasy adventure games like StarCraft, you can play them with loads of teammates and fans, while not coming into actual physical contact with any of them.

And because the outcome of eSports matches relies on the skill of players and teams, rather than random chance, the growth in the industry means that betting on eSports is growing at the same pace. Players and teams have form to study, just like their traditional counterparts, so picking winners is an art that takes practice. Here are three tips to remember when you are considering eSports betting.

Learning eSports Betting

Learning how to bet on eSports is a lot like learning how to play eSports. For a start, focus on one game that suits your skill set. If your abilities make you more suited to real-time strategy games like StarCraft than you are to first-person shooters like Counter-Strike, you will probably have a more instinctive feel for betting on RTS games over FPS titles, too.

The more you know about a game from personal experience, the better you can assess other players and teams when betting. An insider’s perspective also helps make the most of props bets. Knowing how the game plays allows you to make accurate bets about when in-game events will occur.

Daily Fantasy Sports More Hands-On

Some punters are happy to bet on players or teams and rely on their skills to bring in the wins. Others prefer a more hands-on approach, and that’s where Daily Fantasy Sports is useful. Like a souped-up version of the fantasy sports leagues that can take fans an entire season to play, the DFS version can be over in a week, but allows you to influence the game.

Punters pay an entry fee and then get a budget with which to put together a team in sports like football, baseball, etc. Team performances are decided by players’ stats in the real world, and the fantasy team that finishes with the most points on the board wins. Many betting enthusiasts prefer to place their eSports wagers on this format, because they get to pick their teams and are thus personally involved in trying to pull off the win.

Gaining From A Growth Industry

Sports betting is already a fast-growing gaming sector, and eSports is showing that it can deliver sports betting thrills without requiring crowds or close contact. In other words, eSports betting is set to become the fastest growing sub-sector of what is already one of gaming’s fastest growing sectors.

Taking that into consideration, you could spend a lot of time and energy studying a specific eSport and the top teams in that discipline; with dedication and focus, you might hit on a betting strategy that wins big. But if you want to be certain of making a profit out of wagering, your best bet is to buy shares in an eSports betting operation.