Taking a Look at 2 Million BC Slot Online

2 Million BC slot takes you right back in history to the days of the Stone Age, and you will see all kinds of different prehistoric creatures. This game has a striking backdrop of an overgrown and leafy jungle, and Betsoft has provided their usual stunning 3D graphics.

The symbols have been designed with care, and correspond to the time of a couple of million years ago. You will see a caveman and woman, a sabre toothed tiger, a sloth, stone carvings and cave drawings and a pottery jar, as well as the first wheel and a red shining ruby. A Diamond, Chestnut and a burning blaze trigger the special features. The music is also catchy enough to be entertaining, and just about every win is accompanied by some special 3D effects.

One of the First 3D Betsoft Slot Games to Go Online

This is a five reel and thirty pay line game. There are no Wilds or Scatters, but there are no less than three exciting bonus rounds that should provide all the fun you want from a slot game. Coin denomination has a wide variation and you can bet the maximum on each pay line.

2 Million BC slot was one of the first 3D slot games that Betsoft Gaming released online. This slot game with its eye catching graphics and smooth game play is regarded as the standard set for all other slot games.

Three Unique Entertaining Bonus Rounds

There are three bonus rounds in the 2 Million BC slots game to improve your pay line wins, and the triggers are the burning fires, chestnuts and diamonds. The graphics and sound are incorporated into the whole theme of the game, with the cave man sitting to one side grunting and cheering to encourage you.

The Burning Fire acts the part of the scatter, and when three or more of them appear at one time on the reels of online slots machine, they will trigger the free spins round. Additional free spins can also be awarded during this bonus round if you get three more burning fires.


One Chestnut symbol appearing on any line will make a Giant Bee pop out and add it to the three Chestnut icons that are needed to trigger the Sabre Toothed Tiger Attack feature. In this bonus round you have to assist the caveman knock out the Tiger to win instant credits. You have to help the cave man take aim and fling his rock, and hope it will take out the Tiger. If there is a direct hit, and the Sabre Toothed Tiger is knocked out or killed you will receive a cash reward.

Stealing the Diamond from the Sabre Toothed Tiger

Another rewarding bonus game in 2 Million BC slots Machines is activated when you find three or more Diamonds together on the same pay line. When this happens, you have to help the caveman steal some diamonds from between the paws of the fierce Tiger using a sneak attack. A successful outcome will give you another cash reward.

All line wins will be multiplied by your wager, so it can pay you to bet the maximum number of coins per spin. Five of the symbols in 2 Million BC slot game will give you large payouts. The cave woman is the jackpot symbol, and when five of the cave woman symbols appear on the reels together you will be awarded with a very good jackpot win.