UCI Road World Championships

UCI Road World Championships in Doha

For fans of bicycle road racing and online betting NZ, the UCI Road World Championships are one of the most anticipated cycling events that take place. The 2016 edition of this event will be held in Doha, Qatar, and will take place from Oct 9-16. There are a number of different events that form part of these UCI Road World Championships, including road races, individual time trials, and also team time trials, which were added back in 2012.

The difference of the UCI Road World Championships that will be held in Doha, Qatar, is that this cycling event is competed by teams representing their specific home nations, as opposed to riders competing as trade teams. As such, the winners of the UCI Road World Championships are allowed to wear a rainbow jersey for future races in that specific category. They can wear this jersey until there is a new winner the following year. Of course, cyclists are able to return the following year to attempt to defend their title.

Date of UCI Road World Championships    

The date of the World Championships has been timed to attempt to coincide with the end of the European racing season. This is generally in late September, or early October. However, this has only really been the case since 1995. The Championships typically take place after the Vuelta a España.  There is no specific standard as such for the type of course that each city creates. The course might be quite flat, which will suit the sprinters. However, the course could also be very hilly, perfect for climbers.

UCI Road World Championships Events

The live betting cycling events that form part of the UCI Road World Championships, and that will be contested in Doha, Qatar from Oct 9-16 2016, are fairly numerous. Top of the list is surely the Elite Men’s Road Race, as well as the Elite Men’s Time Trial event. Trade teams are able to compete in the Men’s Team Time Trial. There are events for different age groups, such as the U23 Men’s Road Race and Time Trial, as well as a time trial and road race for Junior Men. Women are certainly not left out, and also have a number of events in which to compete.

It is expected that the UCI Road World Championships in Doha, Qatar, will host in the region of 1000 riders, who will represent a total of 75 countries. It is also expected that 5700 participants will take part in this ever growing cycling event.

The cycling event was begun in 1921, when the first world championships were held. At this first event, the only competition was the Men’s Road Race for Amateurs, which is now no longer an actual event. 1927 was the first year when a professional world championship was held. This event was hosted by Germany, at the Nürburgring. It took a few more years before a women’s race was introduced to the competition. The first women’s race was held in 1958.

Individual time trials were not originally contested and these events were only introduced at a much later stage. 1994 was the first years where individual team trials were added in all the different cycling categories.